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Bloody Hell [entries|friends|calendar]
Sirius Black

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PRIVATE: I might have violated Remus, and not in the good way. [06 Jan 2005|10:05pm]
Private things seem to get around faster than things that are public around here. Anyway, I read Moony's private journal-thingy and decided, "Thats deep, better write one of my own."

But I have nothing at all to say that could even remotely be considered "deep". I'll just talk about Remus than, and how Remus should definately be a little more confident than he is because he isnt into all that public displays of affection thing, but I dont see whats so wrong with it.

Maybe he just doesnt like me, since hes always, "I know big words, comma comma" and things like that. Merlin, sometimes he goes into rants and I just blank out, and have no idea what the fuck he is talking about. But Im worried about him, I guess because he seems worried? Im not sure what about, I have an idea, but I guess its just a vibe. I hang around him a lot, I wonder if people get "in tune" with other peoples emotions when they are around each other a lot?

Hey, I sound deep. Maybe its working, woo. Remus better not show this to anybody else, assuming he is actually going to read it. Sounds like thats what Im going for.

Anyway, had some fun with James today, buggering around with Malfoy and all. And not the good kind of buggering, the buggering type where you .. well, bugger them. Right, moving on.

Oh yeah, and Moony? Once youve read this and secretly pretended like you havent, could you do my Potions homework?

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PUBLIC: Oh dear. [05 Jan 2005|06:26pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Oh dear, Mr. Moony is all uptight again. He would never drop me, never ever ever ever, hes attached to me like a bad habit. Aha, I used his own phrase-thing against him. Sometimes I wonder if in a former life I was some great Headmaster or something.

But probably not, since I was obviously the best looking wizard in all eternity before I was killed off because people were just so jealous of me, I had to be put to rest!

Remus, we must get together to play Spin The Bottle or something. It will be brilliant and we can all say you came up with the idea.

Evans: Calm yourself, Dick-chick, were just having some fun.
Malfoy: Your pimpcane is all washed up, just like you will be when Snape see's what youve done to his shampoo. It seems he has the urge.

Poor Wormtail, I feel sorry for him. Sometimes in the passing periods between classes, when Im not making out with somebody I think about him and his outsider-ness.


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PUBLIC: SIRIUSLY [04 Jan 2005|06:23pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

Alright, so I forgot my books. There is not harm in that, I didnt hurt them or anything. Its not like theyre living, breathing things.. Well, except for that one. That one was really odd, James should throw that one out. James, you definately need to get some head from Lily or something because spazzing out over minor things like this just isnt very cool.

Oh yeah, by the way, if there is a white stain in one of your books, kind of throw that page out .. or something ..


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